Friday, April 17, 2009

The Fourth One

So, dear friends, it happened to me just as it happened to so many newbie bloggers across the world. I burst out of the gate, brimming with excitement and determination, completely convinced that I can produce the most stunning blog that mankind has ever seen. I work feverishly at first, and spew out three posts in a burst of venting. Three posts. Then nothing.


The silence drags on for nearly a year, while I pursue other mysterious but mostly dubious activities. Supportive friends try to lure me back, praising the minimal but interesting material they had perused last May. I ignored them. I ignored my duty, my purpose, my obligation to somehow further mankind in some small way with my incisive dissection of world affairs. The shame was heavy, the failblog factor was high.

But I got over it.

Then yesterday, the astonishing prophetess Tiffany walked me through establishing a Twitter account. My interest was piqued. This was fun. I enjoyed it. Communicating with the world was not such a bad thing. My passions rose, my fingers flew on the keyboard. Then last night I set up a Facebook account. Even more wonders unfolded. People enjoyed talking to me, and OMG, I enjoyed talking to THEM. (Truth be told, not really fond of the human race, just sayin.) I was getting live validation, and validation has always been an issue for me what with all that "growing up gay in right-wing Oklahoma business", so my satisfaction percentages rose dramatically. This was SWEET.

Then I remembered the blog. The neglected, shattered-promise blog. Facebook isn't really conducive to full-fledged blogging. You CAN, but not really, not the right setting. And Twitter? Hello? 140 characters max at a time. I can't even clear my literary throat in 140 characters, much less build up to any crescendo of insight. So it became clear. The blog must live again. Tie it all together, let people click around for the full picture, try to satisfy all. Because we do need satisfaction, in this age of heartless people doing hurtful things to people who are simply trying to get by, and maybe have a nice meal along the way.

So I raise the torch again. Come with me. Let's storm the castle, make it ours, return to the day when basic human kindness was the foundation of all that is good. Why NOT strive for that? I will never understand why some people, especially the right-wing, supposedly Christian, rabid and vengeful hatemongers will stop at nothing to tear other people apart just because someone wants to live their life as their heart and mind says they should.

Got a little deep there. Happens sometimes. But join me anyway. At the very least, you might get a good pic out of it that you can post on Facebook. And then Twitter your friends about it.


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