Friday, May 9, 2008

The Third One

Pop Stars,

Where to begin? Well, I've continued to fiddle around with the various ways to post on this blog, and I've finally decided (for the moment, anyway) to create ANOTHER blog where I can post the majority of the photos in the big-ass way I had in mind, with the shame and humiliation splashed across the page instead of in a tiny thumbnail that you really can't see. So scroll down on the right, take a deep breath, and plunge.

Second, I've added party details in the upper right, indicating the next opportunity you have to imbibe far too much and risk your sweaty and bellowing self being captured in digital eternity. Meaning, of course, that you will soon be appearing on Blog 2. (This thrills me to no end, although you may have other thoughts on the matter.) But at least we now have a central place for folks to see what festivities are on the horizon. Yayzz! So get the word out. Quit sitting around waiting for an email to arrive with the latest planned anarchy. We are now on the web, people. Use it.

Finally, there have been a few rumblings in the familial network that perhaps it's not fair for ancient photos of a past life to be shockingly displayed for the world to see. A little part of me understands this concern, and I do feel your pain. But the bigger part of me is thinking that if you show up at one of our shindigs and do 27 tequila jello shots, then I have earned the right to snap a shot of you running naked through the back yard and offering a sacrifice to Isis.

Did I mention that the game was on?

I thought so.

Peace In.

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  1. Dude.....where's the verbage? where's the #4? WHERE'S THE BEEF?!! Do NOT answer that last question