Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The First One

So anyway, it was another one of those sucky days at work (Dear Gawd, take me now, will there EVER be a non-sucky day at work?) when Tiffany, and her hair, was rambling on about some yahoo cousin of hers that had a real-life Blog and it was SO fascinating and SO impressive we must all run out immediately and start our own Blogs. I, of course, continued to smoke my cigarette and nod at appropriate moments while the spew of words out of her exquisitely-lipsticked mouth reached G-Force levels. Because this is what we do. She gushes forth, I grunt with minimal enthusiasm, and we love each other for it. And so it went, as it always does. Diva Tiffany, with the arms flailing and the we-must-do-this-now flatulence, and me having no intention whatsoever of doing whatever she is babbling about.

Flash forward to now. I'm still signed into the network at work, struggling valiantly to move the tiny cogs that I own in the behemoth Verizon machine. It's 9:30 at night. (Insert your own time zone, look at all the lonely people, waiting for life to pass them by.) Pondering the micro-bits of life that I can actually call my own. When I have an epiphany of sorts. (Yes, Dearest Tiff, yet another tribute to you in using that word. You are my muse, Babbling Brook.) Why NOT start a Blog? Why NOT chain myself to yet another immense task, being the medicated workaholic that I am? I can finally drop the grunting and begin the pontificating. I can be heard! At least by random web surfers who have grown tired of the porn websites and click on this site out of sheer boredom. The world is my oyster.

So I did it, people. I've started a Blog. Praise me.

Game on.

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  1. Didn't you mean CLOGS? Oh maybe I wasn't supposed to tell anyone about the clogs. Look, it's okay. Own the clogs. Wear the clogs proud. Or is it proudly? Gawd I hate when I don't know which word is appropriate, having such a love affair with words. Sigh....Okay it's ON. Blog time. Now I have proof and validation that you are listening when I am speaking. (can go on that alone for just weeks)
    The shell consists of two usually highly calcified valves which surround a soft body.

    Well then.