Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Greener Pastures


  I haven’t done much with this site since I moved my blogs to WordPress, but based on the tracking stats it looks like a bunch of people are still managing to find their way over to this one. This makes me smile, of course, to learn that some kind of circumstance is leading folks to check out some of my older work.

  But what would really make me happy? If you could graciously take the time to find your way over to my current blogs, I’d be smiling even more.

  You can find the main site at:

  I’m still in the midst of transitioning to the new location, these things take time, but if you don’t mind the dust and unpacked boxes in my new virtual dwelling, it would be swell if you could make the transition with me. I’ll still leave this older site up for a while, so you can dig through the archives of the last five years, if that pleases you.

  Whatever path you choose, thanks for stopping by, and I hope that some bit of something that I’ve scribbled will make you want at least a little bit more…



  1. ahhhh ... this place tries to reject my comments .. I must try harder ... now, where was I ... ah yes
    I do believe I have stumbled upon the arcane dusty path of a new friend and writing rival. (since we do not write the same blog -- barely in the same universe -- and new relationships are tenuous at best ... rival seems to fit -- and I'm not even talking about pans). The depth of the dust is ... remarkable. I doubt the moon's surface carries this much allergen ... Mayhaps a Clariton before I begin my stroll down memory lane. Hmmm ... the paint on the walls of these not-so-hallowed halls reminds me that all is capable of bringing forth the pall of death... Or is that just mere dust rising from my shuffling gait ... too much here to worry over minor things like dust ... Now that whatever-it-was scurrying across the floor under that dust ... that might be worrisome. Yet - - I do want to find the secrets of these newly revealed tomes.

    1. Sooo... you managed to find one of my dusty bunkers. I'm very proud and slightly honored. And there ARE many secrets to be found here, some of them extremely unprofessional and tawdry. I'm not sure if you will get a notification of my reply, so you may never see this, but since you did get this far, I'll go ahead and give you the bonus prize:

      This was/is a massive undertaking (there are hundreds of pages on the site) where I attempted to gather together links to everything I had ever posted online, in the guise of a digital resort community in 1927. It was a complete failure. I could never generate any traffic. But it's still there, moldering, and every once in a while I get notification that someone has visited the ghost town.

      Please proceed there, if you desire...

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