This is a list of the one-off posts that don't quite fit into the general themes of the other tabs. There's no telling what you'll find here, and that's what makes it all the more fun...

Something Irresponsible This Way Comes

 A Field Guide For Identifying And Classifying Republicans In Their Native Habitat

Scotch The Cat Discuss The Big People And Their Drinking Games

Sagacity Redux #2

Michelle Bachmann Interprets The Bill Of Rights (With Assistance From Jesus)

"True Blood" Casting Changes for the Upcoming Presidential Election Year

Scotch on the Rocks

Denigration of Decency

Sagacity Redux #1

The Trial of Dara Cowandburger

Video Blog #1 - Trying Something New

Re: Concerning Lottery Jesus Good Winner

I Know I'm Not Supposed To Touch This

An Open Letter to the Idiot with the Chainsaw

Dream a Little Steam of Me

The 12 Shots Of Christmas

Restaurant Review #2: I Didn't Know You Could Put Feta Cheese On That

Breaking News: Fall Program Lineup on CowTV!

Random Quotes from the Oak Cliff Tour of Homes

Restaurant Review #1: Fried Baloney Sandwiches at the Anemia Stop Cafe


Video Rewind: "The Eye of the Cat" Catfight

Video Rewind: The Ross Sisters - "Solid Potato Salad"

Video Rewind: Sorority Girls From Hell

The Eighty-Seventh One: It's the End of the World As We Know It. Maybe.

The Eighty-Sixth One: Facebook Addiction Chronicles, Entry Four: Restaurant City

The Eighty-Fifth One: Facebook Addiction Chronicles, Entry Three: Farmville

The Seventy-Sixth One: An Interim, Of Sorts, And Some Recycling

The Twenty-Third One: The International Incident

The Twenty-Second One: A Challenge, Of Sorts

The Seventeenth One: Mt. Saint Helens

The Sixteenth One: Facebook Addiction Chronicles, Entry Two

The Fifteenth One: Sweet and Lowe's

The Fourteenth One: Neighborhood Blight

The Thirteenth One: Peace In Our Time  (A personal favorite)

The Twelfth One: What Was That Noise?

The Eleventh One: Mea Culpa

The Fifth One

The Fourth One

The Third One

The Second One

The First One