I have several blogs going on at the same time, mainly because I'm an over-achiever with focus issues. I'm sure you'll find one of these to your liking. Unless you're one of those drab people who only yearn for darkness and realism. That really doesn't happen here. Spin the wheel and see what you find.

The Sound and The Fury

  Grand Central Station for all of my blogs. Everything gets posted here, and then those posts that are relevant to the other blogs also get posted there as well.

Backup Dancers From Hell

Crazed music video reviews that are much more fun than the actual video. Take the plunge.

Idiot Fondue

  I'm a fake psychologist giving advice to real people. Good times, yes?

Memory Remix

  Do we really remember things the way they actually happened? Nostalgia and whimsy.

Searching For Signal

  Random and odd reviews of TV show episodes. Consider yourself officially warned.