As we all know, Dr. Brian is a very busy man. However, even an esteemed counseling practioner has a few moments of down-time (usually when yet another lawsuit is pending), and he needs some diversions to fill his time. This is where YOU can help.

  Please take a few moments and submit one of your more interesting psychoses to Dr. Brian for review. Keep in mind that Dr. Brian gets bored easily, so you don't want to muck things up with a mundane syndrome. Dr. Brian doesn't care if your Mommy didn't pay enough attention to you. He is much more interested in your fear of too many layers in a lasagna dish.

  Send your neurotica to:

  (Technical note concerning security, because the evil lawyers make us do this: Dr. Brian is the only person who has access to this database, so fear not about possible pesky SPAM and such. The email is only a means of presenting your issues to Dr. Brian. He couldn't care less about doing anything interesting with your sacred email address.)

  If you are uncertain of what mental malfunctions might prove exhilarating to Dr. Brian, please visit the "Idiot Fondue" blog, where Dr. Brian's case studies are maintained, by using the following link:


  Thank you for your time, and remember, a sane mind is a boring mind, and nobody can make any money off of that...


   Dr. Brian's Favorite Assistant