Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sagacity Redux #2

Psssst. Come over here with me for a second. I want to ask you about something.

It’s okay, I won’t tell anybody that we’re talking. Dad’s the word. But I had to visit with somebody about this, and you’re wearing a really cute blouse, so I thought, what the hell, engage a fashion-conscious stranger and let’s see where it goes. Worse things have happened.

Anyway, possibly new best friend with your attention-getting couture, I did something in the last few months that is new for me. You see, I do this blog thing, where I typically write posts about this and that, posts that are often very long and involve detailed plotting. In fact, some of these posts turn into multi-part ramblings, stretching into eternity and resulting in thousands of words about something as simple as a random entry on a restaurant menu concerning shellfish.

I have issues with dragging things out a bit. Duly noted.

But some important people in my life have recently suggested that I should tone down that epic aspect, and instead head toward a less-intense place where I get to the point, maybe throw in a joke or two, and then seal everything up with a slightly-bitter kiss. Based on my abysmal blog stats lately, I was forced to acknowledge that this might be sage advice.

Directness, joke, sign off. Got it.

So I tried this with a recent post, entitled “Sagacity Redux #1” (notice the theme?), wherein I got right to the point and spilled personal details. This was a bit startling for some of the core group of followers who happily read everything I send forth (and I love them for doing so), but, more importantly, it generated some reactions that I’m not quite used to receiving whenever I click “post”.

Firstly, there was confusion over that blog title. Sagacity Redux. What the hell is that? Well, it was a (possibly weak) attempt on my part to coin a catchphrase. Actually, that’s a bit bold, I wasn’t meaning to do something so illustrious. I just wanted to capture a new focus in my blog life, a definite decision to give color and texture to a recent choice to actually stop caring about whether or not people are offended by my blog posts.

“Sagacity Redux“, in short, and despite what linguists and English-language scholars and other insufferably dreary anal-obsessive people might think, is my way of announcing a “return to clarity”. That’s what I want it to mean, and that’s what it’s going to mean. I’m hacking my way out of the dense forest of political-correctness and back into the open field of unadorned, unsweetened, simple truth. At least as I see it.

Secondly, and I’m tipping my hat to my dedicated blog enthusiasts (did I mention that I love you?) once again, there was an outcry that my long-form stories would cease. This is hardly the case. I shall not fail in my epic-centricity. (Yes, I’m making up another phrase. Once you let the cat out…)

I promise whole-heartedly to continue turning a minor, two-second incident involving lip gloss into a twenty-part post-fest that will ramble on for three months. Thus I swear.

But there is a twist now. Mixed in with these extended travelogues and episodic character arcs where we watch beloved story-people transition over time into something we would never have imaged 12 posts ago, we will have the succinct, direct invectives that have rattled around in my brain yet have been ignored in deference to keeping everyone happy.

That is no longer the case. Forthwith, no limits.

Because really, haven’t the decent people played nice for way too long?

So here’s a little taste:

The rabid foaming-at-the-mouth coming from the Far Right, with their inane desire to totally destroy this country just to prove a pointless point based on a crazed conceptualization (wait, was that word too big for you?) of what a society should be, is something that should be stopped at all costs. What happened in your childhood that completely sucked the humanity out of your disillusioned, vindictive, history-defying, racist shell of a soul?

And stop pointing at bibles and higher powers and expense accounts from the Koch brothers to justify your actions. This is on YOU. You have completely missed the boat on this, adrift in a sea of your own making, waters populated by subhuman primates who grunt and clap at the destruction and death of people they don’t like, a wailing, cancerous congregation of desecration, bowing low at the altar of ignorance.

(My apologies to the peaceful gorillas and orangutans of the world. No offense intended, that “primate” business just spilled out in the passion of the moment. Love that outfit you‘re wearing, really do.)

Okay, then. Said and done. Quite cleansing, actually. I’m sure that some of my blog followers will hit the delete button and scurry for the hills. Fine by me. I’ve moved beyond the minefield of playing nice and trying to make everyone happy. And I’ve arrived at the intersection of Do The Right Thing and Get Off My Planet If You Don’t Have A Soul.

Stay tuned. And thank you for sticking with me this far. Peace….

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