Wednesday, July 27, 2011

30 Suggested Titles for Your Google+ Circles

Note: So, Google+ has these nifty things called “circles”, where you can clump your connections together in categories, thus allowing you to control who sees what. Good idea, but the initial setup can be daunting. Since I have a checkered past full of bad decisions and spur-of-the-moment eventual wrongness, I thought I’d help you out with some creative ways of filtering your contacts…

1. “Hated Them In High School”

2. “Stupidly Slept With Years Ago”

3. “Great Drinking Buddy, Keeps Mouth Shut”

4. “Still Friends with My Ex-Boyfriends. Careful.”

5. “Doesn’t Know What Year It Is”

6. “Potential For Excessive Bible-Quoting”

7. “Complete Idiots”

8. “Says Films Instead of Movies

9. “Relatives Who Want Money”

10. “Hot Profile Pic, No Other Connection”

11. “Politically Bitter”

12. “Mute Feed, Knows Too Much About College Days”

13. “Mute Feed, Knows All Childhood Nicknames”

14. “Blows Sunshine Out Ass”

15. “Aggressive Emoticon Fetish”

16. “Possibly Has Incriminating Photos, Be Nice”

17. “Unable to Be Quietly Vegan”

18. “Yet Another Cousin From Hazy Branch of Family Tree”

19. “Seen Me Seriously Drunk, Not Offended”

20. “Seen Me Seriously Drunk, Greatly Offended”

21. “Will Post a Picture of Anything”

22. “Links Never Work.”

23. “Deletes Comments That Are Funnier Than His Posts”

24. “Apparently Thinks All Song Lyrics Are About Them Personally”

25. “Adding Just to Jack the Numbers”

26. “Smells Like Stalker”

27. “Clicks Plus-One Even If Someone Belches”

28. “Fascination with Self Is Mind-Boggling”

29. “Didn’t Like Them on Facebook, Still Not Liking Them on Here”

30. “Too Tired To Figure Out Right Circle”


  1. I don't google+, but these are awesome tags for any forum!

  2. 31. "Should shower more often"

    32. "Hit List"

    33. "Not sure if Zooey Deschanel or Katey Perry"

    34. *Related to previous* "Not sure if Talented and Beautiful or just Hot"

  3. Hey Julie,

    Thanks! I know you like the lists, our shared speciality, so it thrills me when I see your approval...


    35. "Too far from Denton. Next."

    36. "Wait, you can do WHAT with that?"

    37. "Zooey. For sure."


  4. How about the Candy Parade. You know. Where the candy is pain? Emo kids unite!

  5. Love these. I'm glad you posted this on Pinterest. It's hilarious and useful.